Grezzo cyanotype models

While in Grezzo in August 2017 I also continued the work started with the Austinmer cyanotype models. I used a black IKEA Tjena box as the “model” and lined it in cyanotype paper. I used a lid top and bottom to ensure light fastness. The model was placed on the front step once the sunlight had started to move around to this area.

The model was quite a bit larger than the Austinmer versions, which meant it could house the action camera in its entirety. The Yi action camera was used to record this footage of the exposure, which ran from 12:45-14:18 (~1.5hrs).

I have chosen to keep the dark start of the footage, where the camera has started recording, but the model is being moved into the sunlight and the front light shield removed. I have shown this footage at a slower rate as the abrupt changes of light, and the camera’s attempt to respond to it, it enjoyable.

Frustratingly, as I had not weighted down the model (due to the deformation of the lining that occurred when I did this on an earlier version), it blew over near the end, admitting sun onto the back wall and ceiling of the model. However, this different light orientation allow the previous exposure to be revealed more clearly.

The unfolded net of cyanotype paper shows the “shadow” of the camera, and the two separate angles of orientation create two distinct exposures.


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