Grezzo form shadows

My first cyanotype experiments at Grezzo were to record the shadows of simple forms.


Unfortunately, the brown box was too light, and so moved location during the 2.25hr exposure (10:51am-12:35pm).


The next test of formal shadows used heavier objects (the brown box now contains the glass measuring jars that had originally filled it).


IMG_6519  IMG_6517

The exposure location was outside the south facing front door to the house. The glass reflected the sunlight onto the ceiling of the living room.


Print developing


The final print is effective in expressing the height of the objects as the diffusion of the light the further away from the paper the object sits creates the gradated shading.

The streaky effect is a result of the coating technique – I used a perspex rod, but unfortunately without the rigidity of glass it was difficult to get an even coating. In this instance, I am not unhappy with the effect, as it serves a counterpoint to the formal quality of the exposed objects.

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